My Accident Had Me in a Lot of Pain

The first time I went to see a Peoria chiropractor, it was because of an automobile accident that I was involved in. I was dumb that day when I went to the store and did not put my seat belt on. I figured it was only a mile down the road, never imagining that I would barely be out of my driveway when another car hit me. Thankfully, neither one of us was going that fast, but I still got jostled around pretty good because of not wearing a seat belt.

I refused medical attention, figuring I was just going to take it easy for a couple of days since I had several days off work due to me. By the second day though, I knew I needed to see someone because the pain was pretty bad. I was taking over the counter pain pills, and they were not being very effective. I debated between contacting my family doctor or a chiropractor, and the chiropractor ended up winning out since it was mostly my neck that was hurting. I knew that it was possible I had whiplash, and I wanted a professional in that area to diagnose me properly.

I also did not want to be given a heavy pain medication, because I just don’t like taking things like that. I figured a chiropractor would take a holistic approach more so than my doctor, and I was right. I felt better walking out of his office that day, and I continued to go back for more adjustments for a couple of weeks. That was not my last time there though. I learned so much about my body that I knew I needed to have regular adjustments done. I know that it is worth it because I have not felt this good in a very long time.