Journal of cell and molecular biology

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Она открыла на экране второе окно и просматривала остальную часть документов Лаборатории вне закона. - В чем дело? - спросил Фонтейн.

- Вы что-то нашли. - Вроде. - У Соши был голос провинившегося ребенка.

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  1. Beatriz:

    Cell A cell is the principle and fundamental building block of all living beings. Transcriptomes can be used for comparison purpose which allows the identification of genes that are expressed in different manner in distinct cell populations. Functional genomics involves the utilization of data produced by genomic and transcriptomic work which describe gene function and property.

  2. André:

    Molecular virology refers to the study of viruses at the molecular level which involves the analysis of genes and gene products of viruses and study their interaction with host human, plant or animal cellular proteins. Molecule Molecule is a fundamental unit of a chemical compound made up of group of atoms bonded together that can take part in a chemical reaction.